One Sunset

by janet on March 20th, 2008

First: Sorry these photos are soooo orange. No amount of color tuning fixing could help it…I blame my forgetfulness, which made me forget my camera. Thanks to Finni for the loaner.

Anyway. Remember DineLA Restaurant Week? Yeah, it was ages ago. I took Nina’s step class today, though, and it made me think “GOSH! I need to blog that shit.”

As mentioned above, I had to use a strange and unfamiliar camera with a tiny tiny screen (no offense, Finni) so my pics are rather blurry and orange. Maybe up to CM 2006 standards, but certainly not up to 2008 standards…

Anyway, the point of Restaurant Week is to get yummy food at cheap prices. For example – a 3-course meal at fucking GRACE for $34! Nina went through all of the menus and settled on One Sunset (also $34), which had the following menu published online:

Choice 1 – Candy Striped Beets, Blood Oranges, Goat’s Cheese
Choice 2 – Spicy Tuna Tartare, Tempura Eggplant
Choice 3 – Prosciutto, Shaved Pear, St. Andre Flatbread

Choice 1 – Beef Tenderloin, Potato Pancakes, King Crab Bernaise
Choice 2 – Seared Main Scallops, Butternut Squash, Blackberry Gastrique
Choice 3 – Cornbread-Stuffed Chicken, Cranberry Marmalade

Choice 1 – Chocolate Molten Cake, Passion Fruit Sorbet
Choice 2 – ‘Peanut Butter Cup’ Ice Cream Sandwiches
Choice 3 – Sticky Toffee Pumpkin Cake, Chai Ice Cream

We illegally parked in the Sunset Plaza lot, and after a slight detour to window-shop at that new lame mini H&M, walked into the restaurant. It’s one of those loungey joints, with lots of sections and couchey chairs and elevated platforms and whatnot. While we waited for one more to complete the party, we walked up to the bar area. Which was kind of vaguely demarcated. So we couldn’t tell if this one super cute table was part of the bar or off limits. When we asked, they said we couldn’t sit there. Biatches.

So we squished three people into one bar stool’s worth of space, and I got the cocktail entitled “Lilly the p.i.n.k.’s Medicinal Compound” pictured at top. It has that new p.i.n.k. vodka (girls, I’m sure you have all noticed it in the aisle at the grocery store – the cutest bottle EVAR!), fresh watermelon juice (which was total fucking bullshit since I saw him put in Watermelon Pucker), and a splash of Red Bull. It tasted exactly how you’d think, but if I was to recreate it (which I will at my next partay) I’d be OK using regular vodka and I’d be OK with the Pucker and I think I’d do it with low-carb Monster instead (that is me infusing my fake foodie-ism).

Once our party was complete (four aerobics instructor foodies), we were shown to our table…the same fucking table that they wouldn’t let us sit at because it was “reserved.” For us. Damnit.

BEETS! BEETS! Beets are my favorite! Such an under-loved vegetable – INEXPLICABLE as sugar-crazy Americans should love that shit?! Sigh. I was SO TORN between the Candy Striped Beets, Blood Oranges, Goat’s Cheese app or the Spicy Tuna Tartare, Tempura Eggplant. I am the most terriblest decision-makers as it is, and I am being forced to make the choice between my two favorite veggies – beets or eggplant!??! Goat cheese or tempura??!? AAAAAAAAAAAA!

I chose the tuna tartare (I know, I know – you’re like why the fuck did she go with the tuna?!?), and I was happy. Because I was hungraaay and the crunchy-oily had, on top of it, a sweet, sweet soy sauce on it. The tuna tartare was fine – exactly how it should be. It’s just a winning combo, you know?

I snagged a bite of the salad, too. I must admit that I can’t really remember how it tasted. Perhaps it was because I was shy (first time out with this particular crew) and only took a mini mini forkful of it. I do remember thinking “FUCKIN’ BEETS! YOU SO GOOOD!” – perhaps saying it out loud, even.

My entree, thanks to my psychotic immune system, was a no-brainer. I’m allergic to crustaceans so while I would have loved some steakums ‘n taters (Choice 1: Beef Tenderloin, Potato Pancakes, King Crab Bernaise), the king crab bernaise would have killed me. Scallops are not my favorite (Choice 2: Seared Main Scallops, Butternut Squash, Blackberry Gastrique) Like most fish and especially salmon, I prefer scallops raw. But chicken and cranberry (Choice 3: Cornbread-Stuffed Chicken, Cranberry Marmalade)?!?! Bitch please.

Thank god for my overactive immune system. These scallops were…what hackneyed food exultation can I use here?…I’ll use “DIVINE.” Mostly it was the smear of butternut squash underneath – insane. Insane. Insane! I crave this sometimes late at night, when I’m alone in my bed…

We divided and conquered on the desserts. Poor Nina – she had chosen this restaurant on the basis of the Sticky Toffee Pumpkin Cake but they did not have it (false advertising!). In fact, none of the desserts were as advertised. Instead, they offered us:

(1) Jasmine Creme Brulee with macaroons. The palest fucking creme brulee I’ve ever seen combined with the most sad-looking, super burney macaroons ever. I can just imagine some Linguini-type character taking the burner and torching the macaroons instead of the creme. That Linguini is such a doof! Ha ha.

(2) Chocolate Lava Cake with Coffee Ice Cream. The middle was appropriately melty but the cake part was not quite as pudding-ey as I like it. I avoided the coffee ice cream because I had that Red Bull drink and I was scared that I would be kept up.

(3) Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes. Inedible. Like eating red-colored raw flour. Sick.

“So, girls – what grade do you give them?” I asked. Like a good journalist, I promptly forgot what they said. But *I* gave them an A-/B+ (I know – cop-out answer, right?). When I think about the desserts, I kind of want to hurl. But the scallops were absolutely triumphant! For $34, I still think I can complain about the shitty desserts. But when do I ever order dessert in real life?

I think you guys deserve a second opinion. Luckily, Nina has her own sweet little blog where she blogged this very meal! Go there now!

One Sunset
8730 Sunset
West Hollywood CA 90069

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  1. tinx says:

    remember when i made that drink in vegas with a chunk of watermelon? you should add pureed watermelon to the martini.. yummmm

  2. nina says:

    FYI that the next time we eat out together, you can feel free to take a big ole bite of whatever’s on my plate. i’m all about sharing the food love — no need to be shy. : ) and kudos to posting about this meal! i second *all* your comments. folks, the food’s totally FAB, but you can find way better sweets elsewhere. seriously. no joke. (p.s. i love the nickname.)

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