Frogo – Rhymes with Frodo

by janet on June 14th, 2008

Frogo is a new, under-chattered frozen yogurt joint that opened just two blocks from my house (Stalkers: 1, Janet: 0). Tinx and I were coming back from school laaate, and even though she had to pee something fierce, she obliged my wishes and went there with me. We weren’t even sure if they were open, but indeed it is open until 11 pm weekdays, midnite on Saturday, 10pm Sunday (this is not yet etched on the doors but that’s what the hours are).

The decor was the requisite ultra sleek / ultra modern combination, though Frogo has a million plasma screens on the wall. One of these was playing what looked to be a Michael McDonald concert, which gives them major points if they are being ironic, a la 40-Year-Old Virgin, but major minus points if it was just straight up.

Tinx had done some earlier reconnaissance and discovered that their berry yogurt is fantastic. So I followed suit. Hers sits front; mine in back with the kiwi.

Frogo attempts to differentiate themselves by using fructose. Not high fructose corn syrup, which is the root of all evil according to some, but bonafide, true fructose. An information sheet detailing the benefits of fructose (doesn’t spike blood sugar [in fact, fructose is metabolized without the use of insulin so it’s good for diabetics], helps you feel full, “healthy,” etc.) sits on the counter.

The kiwi was underripe. You shouldn’t need your teeth for kiwi – just your tongue. But that is nitpicking, I gues. The yogurt itself is not quite “like Yoplait, but frozen!” like Tinx claimed, but is exactly in between Red Mango and Pinkberry in terms of its tart/ice-ness.

To be honest, I was really distracted while eating it, because we were (albeit nicely) accosted by an Asian dude named Jason – the owner. I am usually a little more on the down low when it comes to snapping photos, but at 10pm on a weekday I really didn’t think that any higher-ups would be around (indeed, upon first glance, it was just two really cute employees who looked like they should be working at Abercrombie instead). He just appeared out of nowhere.

Jason: I noticed you’re taking pictures. Can I ask you why?
Janet: Oooooh, well, you know, it’s a hobby of mine – I just like to take pictures of my food.
Jason: Oh, because you know you’re taking pictures of my store, too, so I was just curious you know why is this girl taking pictures?
Janet: Haha yeah well it’s just what I do. Haha I’m not a journalist or anything. [Hello defensive.]
Jason: [Not buying it for a minute] It’s ok if you want to take pictures and put it up on a blog. I just wanted to tell you more about our product.
Janet: Well you can tell me about it if you want but I’m not a blogger or anything! [Dig dig dig]
Tinx: Giggle. [Squeezing legs together to avoid peeing]

So he told us about the miracles of fructose, the fact that he got out of a career in banking to open this shop, chatted with us about what we did (he’s a fellow UCLA alum!) and then offered us another yogurt. I had hit my sweetness threshold .75 yogurts ago, so I declined, and Tinx did as well. So then he gave us…free crack tea!

If you read the few reviews of Frogo on the interweb, people talk more about the coffee than the yogurt. This tea was fucking awesome. You don’t often see people’s eyes light up when they sip on iced tea. But Tinx (despite her full bladder) bounced up and said, “MMM!” so I tried it as well. Tangy, but not sour. Mellow, but not sweet. Full of crack, but not heroin.

The reason we think it is full of crack is because (a) it tastes so good, and (b) Tinx was ricocheting off the walls of our apartment when we got home [I took mini sips and saved the rest for the following morning – so fucking AZN].

I hope they make it, because the employees, beginning with Jason the owner, are so nice, and their products are good. And Silverlake is far too far to go for crack – this is much more convenient.

1300 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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