Gas Lite Karaoke Bar

by janet on July 7th, 2008

Our free margarita, courtesy of Travis.

Tinx, every night we drive home together: OOOOOOOOH let’s go to Gas Lite!!!
Me: OK, maybe this weekend.

But it never happened. Until one fateful Friday when we decided to walk Simon’s puppy for him first and then hit up the karaoke bar on the way back. Tinx and I both like to sing, and when we perform we like to get dolled up. So we got semi-dolled up (our final outfits that we walked out the door with were actually quite scaled back from our original ones), walked the dog in our heels, and then headed over.

They have a parking lot, and we found a spot. Incredible. I felt like I was in Peoria, Illinois, not fucking Wilshire Blvd. Amazing.

We walked in to a divey bar where someone was singing an Offspring song. There were books strewn about with songs in them, but after seeing the rather shabby clientele and nary a skirt nor high heel in sight, I decided liquid courage was in order so we got drinks. Then we chose our songs. Tinx: Kelly Clarkson’s Never Again. I sing a mean, mean No Doubt, so I put in Bathwater originally, but then re-gauged the crowd and changed my song to Madonna’s Like A Prayer. It was that sort of karaoke bar. You know, where white chicks “sing” California Love (she actually really brought it – I was impressed) and a random scary white guy sings Possum Kingdom by the Toadies. If you don’t know this song, the refrain is “DOOOO YOU WANNA DIE?? DOOOO YOU WANNA DIE???”

Anyway, I had been burned by karaoke bars in the past where the DJ won’t play your song unless you tip them, so I put in our two songs and tipped him ten bux. The DJ was CUTE! A mix between John Mayer and Joaquin Phoenix, but cuter than both. I confirmed with him that my song had not been sung yet (to re-sing a song is a definite faux pas and a definite danger with that song). He said no with a smile and I further tipped him with a smile and a wink and single shoulder shrug.

And we sat. And waited. The drinks were good, except for the warm shot of Stoli Vanil that we did blech. We were awkwardly seated, so people kept coming in between us to order drinks/bother us. Example 1: Some girl named Laura and her friends, for whom I took several very good pictures, who were called up TWICE to sing. Example 2: Some high-powered white cougar lady who worked for Oprah. I have here in my drunken post-bar notes “fucking ugly terrible extensions.” My guess is that she was rude to us. Example 3: A guy who said, “Good work!” when I popped my birth control pill at midnight. I said, “No babies!” and he flashed me a thumbs up.

Tinx is…not a patient girl. So she was getting visibly irritated and flustered (probably also due to the three thousand degree heat – goddamn), so our very cute bartender named Travis gave us free margaritas. Thanks, Travis! But then he, too, betrayed us by being called up to sing (seriously – can’t the patrons sing before the staff??), where he performed a passably sexy Usher.

Like a silly, idealistic fool, I didn’t want to pee in case our songs came up. But I could wait no longer so I ran into the bathroom and peed, and ran out, where I was stopped by a man named Max H., who gave me his card and asked me out. On his card he has some terrible clip art on one side, and it says his title is “Web Programmer and Rock Singer.” lol. And a 323 number. He would have a 323 number. Also – weakest handshake ever, which makes me think it unlikely that he shreds anything in his rock band or can even type faster than 5 wpm when programming.

Anyway, I’m sure you can predict how the story ended. Last call and the DJ saying, “Sorry guys! That was the last song.” OMGWTFBBQ?!? Does tipping mean nothing in this world anymore? Piece of shitty shit cute DJ. We drove home in a perfumed, curly-haired self-righteous huff and jotted down furious, drunken, bitchy notes, to be blogged at some later point. Done.

Gas Lite
(I see your spelling is as good as your karaoke DJ-ing)
2030 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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  1. Katrina says:

    fuck that place man… they don’t know what they’re missing

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