Original Boston Creme Pie

by janet on August 19th, 2008

The original Boston Creme Pie can be found, allegedly, at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston.  Liz told me this over the phone, and I later saw it in a pamphlet (albeit, the Omni Parker House’s pamphlet), and later, etched on the window of the hotel.  Because I love my blog more than I hate sweets, I decided to try it during my trip to Boston.

Liz was in Boston too, skipping all of the conference (lucky!) and instead doing fun things like shopping during Tax Free Weekend and taking yoga classes.  We met up for lunch at the Parker’s restaurant (called, literally, the Parker’s Restaurant), and were promptly ignored for about seven minutes.  I guess you have to be SEEN to be ignored.  No one was around, so we left and decided to eat the pie (“It’s actually a cake,” says Liz) at the little shop in the lobby, where they also sold it.

It was…ok.  The outside was encrusted with almonds which I thought did not belong.  Aren’t BCPs (Boston Creme Pie, not Birth Control Pill) supposed to be smooth and creamy?  This was crunchy (due to said almonds) and cakey (“Didn’t I tell you it’s actually a cake?” says Liz again).  The creme center was nowhere near adequate.  It was the thickness of a stick of gum (NOT Wrigley’s!  Freaking Wrigley’s.  Freaking Chris Brown, you sellout.).  Completely inadequate.  I guess what I was expecting was a choux creme, just big and flattened out and with chocolate on top.

The moral of the story is, sometimes the authentic original isn’t great.  It drives me crazy anyway when people say, “It’s SOOO AUTHENTIC!” as if that’s the holy grail.  I think Panda Express is just as yummy, in a different way, than the Chinese food I had in Hong Kong.  And even though the last BCP I had was when I was a tween and I decided randomly to make it and it took me SEVEN HOURS, I think the modern interpretations on the BCP are for the better.

It certainly wasn’t worth it for Liz, who, by sharing it with me, exposed herself to the virulent cold strain from which I am currently suffering.  Sorry Liz!

Parker’s Restaurant
60 School Street
Boston, MA 02108

2 Responses to “Original Boston Creme Pie”

  1. Lemonpower says:

    I dunno if chris brown sold out or if it was just a deal for him to legally use the double mint gum song. What’s wrong with the gum? I like it. It makes my breath nice and comes in stick form.

    That song and the boobies song are always on in the gym, it’s getting really annoying.

  2. Traci says:

    Don’t worry — I didn’t catch the cold.

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