Gelay O Gusto

by janet on September 1st, 2008


Oh, Frozen Yogurt Wars.  Will you never end?  It’s totally a case of rich-get-richer, though.  The Pinkberrys and Red Mangoes keep thriving, whilst mom-and-pop froyo chains open and shut like LiLo’s legs.

I was up in the Bay Area not too long ago, and my sister put together an entire list called “Shiru’s Comprehensive Guide to Norcal Fun–Experiencing the Stanford Hangouts.”  Sadly, neither my mom nor I read this before visiting her, which was embarrassingly evident when she said, “Let’s go to Gelay O Gusto!” and we were both like, “Where?”  She was pissed, but she’s little and cute so it’s just funny when she’s pissed.

So anyway, we went to the froyo joint, which is in Mountain View.  I sampled their blueberry yogurt (pictured top) which was exactly like you’d expect.  Blueberry flavor + tart + icy.  Much closer to Pinkberry than Red Mango. 



Now that I look at my sister’s guide, I see that she has painstakingly offered a paragraph of her own observations on each of the eateries.  Regarding this joint:

Gelayo Gusto:
ZOMG the best frozen yogurt place ever (although granted, i’ve only been to one other)!! If you go, you have to take me with you. It’s really tart and actually tastes like yogurt, and it’s the first time I’ve ever finished such a big thing of frozen yogurt. I like the original (plain) one with raspberry and kiwi, but whatever floats your boat. Again, don’t go without me hehe. Oh, and it has free wifi, if you need internet access.

We definitely share some DNA, what with the enthusiastic narrative and the same taste in toppings.  The thing I loved most (and made me “ZOMG” myself) was the CHERRY!  Red Mango and Pinkberry do not offer such lusciousness.  It was perfect – sweet and tart with the tart yo.  Loved it.

Sadly, I give them maybe another year?  It’s too empty and in a weird location [anytime you have to put “Unit #A” on your card, oy!]  But good luck Gelay!  Stay open and stick it to the Pink/Red man(go)!

Gelay O Gusto
856 W. El Camino Real #A
Mountain View, CA 94040

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