Pollution: Terrible for Fish, Great for Jellies

by janet on August 28th, 2008

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You know, I’ve thought a loooong time about what I should write about as the post that takes away the new blog’s virginity.  How about something slippery, beautiful, and DEADLY!?

I speak, of course, of jellyfish.   I was just in Boston, and aquariums are my Disneyland.  So I took my ass and some friends’ asses to the New England Aquarium, and, in my childlike excitement which may or may not have involved almost peeing, was not at all fazed by the 30-minute line just to buy tickets.  After grabbing our tix, we immediately pissed off aquarium staff by not pausing to get our picture taken (apparently it was MANDATORY!? WTF?) and immediately slipped into the jelly exhibit.

The exhibit, while beautiful, was fucking weird. Schizophrenic. Everywhere, hugely painted, was the statement: “Pollution.  Bad for fish, great for jellies.” I think their point is that human pollution is very intensely affecting ocean habitats, and that it’s terrible because it’s killing fish. But then, in quite literally the same breath, they are saying how that pollution is great for jellies, who thrive in polluted waters.

Are we supposed to be sad about this?  I mean, the title of the fucking exhibit is “Amazing Jellies.” Quite honestly, after seeing these gorgeous, exquisite, beautiful jellies, I was tempted to throw a cigarette, can of oil, enriched uranium, and some of my poo into the ocean to help propagate the jellyfish population.  I mean, LOOK at them!  Do you blame me?

New England Aquarium

1 Central Wharf, Boston




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