by janet on January 9th, 2009

bld is a visual palindrome.

Chew on that for a moment…WITH YOUR EYES.

It’s also a restaurant in Hollyhood that my dearie Cara works at, or did until she relocated to the very chic Grace which is a sister restaurant. Cole and I went on a whim one day, bored with the usual West LA haunts. Bored, even, with Nook – can you believe it?

After squeals and hugs with Cara, we were seated at a lovely table. Actually, all the tables are lovely in that space. It’s so open and airy. And cute clicky-pen-type salt and pepper shakers.

Three separate people told us to get the fried chicken, which is usually a Tuesday night special, but they had it for lunch as a “special treat.” This screams “we didn’t sell enough last night so here’s some old chicken” but it DID sound good so we ordered it.

One entree down, we turned to the menu, which was very Janet-esque with subheadings like, “Still Breakfasty.” The decision was easy – Fried Egg Sandwich on toasted sourdough with nueske’s thick cut bacon, gruyere cheese, aioli, with Spanish Chorizo & Lomo Home Fries on the side.

Never content with just entrees, we also ordered the soup of the day – butternut squash with creme fraiche.

Hmm. It looks rather…ugly, doesn’t it? That’s because they forgot the creme fraiche, so they hurriedly rushed it out in a cream container, and this is Cole’s attempt at a pretty drizzle.


Shit, man. Is still not taken? Cole is like a soup god. Whenever he’s around and one orders soup, it’s orgasmic.

Here’s the egg sammy. Why don’t I ever listen to silence? Specifically, to the ellipsis between when I order and when the server says, “…The fried egg sandwich? OK.”

I mean, it wasn’t bad. It was quite good. But just not as good as you’d imagine those ingredients tasting together. Same with the potatoes! A little dry – where’s the juicy chorizo fat?

Yeah! Fried chicken! Just LOOK at the batter on that shit! You know something’s tasty when the fries lay ignored for the duration of the meal. Crunchy, juicy, tender – the trifecta of good fried chicken. I wonder, though, if I loved it just because I never eat fried chicken? I mean, when’s the last time YOU ate fried chicken? I just typed “friend chicken” by mistake which also works. Totally! Fried chicken is yummy, therefore I like it, therefore it’s my friend. Oh, man. I was doing such a good job focusing on this post until I veered off into stream of consciousness land. Get it together, woman! Ummm… the collard greens were perfectly textured in the crunchy-squishy kind of way?

Finally, the cornbread, pictured top. Oh, looking at it now seems like the sauce has broken. It was some sort of spicy creamy. I really liked the cornbread, (a) because it had green flecks in it; and (b) because it had, like, CORNS in it!

7450 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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