Is it Dark in Here?

by Daniel on December 1st, 2008

Have you ever thrown a party and someone tells you they are having problems seeing your alcohol selection because they are drunk and can no longer read? Knowing that all of you faithful readers are all about the crazy times at parties, I’m pretty sure this has not only happened to you, but that you might have been the one whose reading ability disappeared.

But what if the real problem isn’t intoxication?! What if… what if you just have poor lighting and everyone thinks your bar is lame? We here at MTFB are dedicated to making you the coolest of the cool and keep your home bar looking swanky while on a budget. Welcome to the first hands-on project!

Back at the beginning of November, I threw one of my infamous highlighter/blacklight parties. I wanted to up the stakes and decided to put together bar shelves with up-lighting, just as I had seen in all the classy bars that I sometimes frequent.

So here’s the list of materials- all found at your local Home Depot:

  • Large Cardboard Box – $1.42
  • Acrylic Light cover – $8.97 (found in the lighting section)
  • Plastic lighting grid – ~$10 (most everything is found in the lighting section)
  • Colored Flourescent Party Bulbs – About $5 each
  • Direct to plug bulb adapter – $1.29/each.
  • Black spray paint -$0.99
  • Cable Ties – I dunno how much they are but they are super cheap.

Other things you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp pointy object (ice pick? screwdriver? choose your own adventure!)
  • Electrical power strips

So the first thing you’ll need to do is measure the area of the “bar” that you’re making. And then trim the box, plastic grid, and acrylic accordingly. At the top of the box you’ll need to cut out a hole, making sure to leave a 1-inch rim – this will keep your acrylic and grid in place. As soon as you’re done getting your box into shape, take it to a well ventilated (or not so ventilated area, if that’s how you roll) and spray paint the box. You should end up with something like the box on the right in the picture below.

From there you slide in the trimmed acrylic cover and then fit the grid in after it. Using your pointy tool of choice, poke holes on the sides and top of the boxes, near the rim. Through these holes you’ll thread the cable ties and then around the grid to hold the grid in place and support the plastic cover. Depending on how heavy you think your booze will be, the number of ties you’ll need will vary.

After that’s all set up, you’ll put your bulbs together and plug them into your power strips. Slide the strips under the boxes and cut a small opening for the cord to come out. Now all you have to do is set up your drinks and hit the lights. Now you can be a baller and party in style, just like us:

Party hard friends! Happy holidays, and remember, drink responsibly.

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