Say Goodbye to Tofurkey.

by Daniel on December 31st, 2008

OK so most of you have no need to say goodbye to Tofurkey. Truthfully, a good lot of you haven’t even said hello to Tofurkey. And perhaps a number of you threw up in your mouth just thinking of the texture and taste of a fake turkey in your mouth. But according to this Yahoo! Answers post, roughly 6% of the population is vegetarian. (As you can see I did some hardcore research on this.) And since we love to be inclusive here at MTFB, here’s a little post dedicated to our vegetarian friends.

So why are we saying goodbye to tofurkey? Well, even though the holiday season is drawing to a close and this post is woefully ill-timed, some of you may have it in your head to try a little tofurkey to close out the year. Or kick off the new one. Or whatever. In any case , I nominate for your masticating pleasure: the Vegetarian Turkey from Vegetarian Plus, a VegeUSA brand. My brother happens to be a (almost) vegan and since the rest of my family and I have no problem with eating veggie food (don’t get me wrong, I love me a good steak or drumstick, but sometimes I crave the taste of the fake stuff), we prepare a veggie turkey of sorts every year.

Anyway, as far as looks go, Vegetarian Plus’ (VP) Vegetarian Turkey is the closest lookalike to a real turkey that I’ve come across, complete with a golden skin-like appearance. And while the veg. turkey may look smaller than the real thing, it has no bones to mess with and is basically a sculpted mass of dense protein. What’s not to love?

In the taste department, the turkey “taste” doesn’t really make an appearance. In fact, one of the words that came to mind is Asianesque. If you ask me what that means, I couldn’t tell you, but I had an odd inkling that if I doused that sucker in some soy sauce or teriyaki, we’d be good to go. Still, in a taste test between a tofurkey and this one, I’d lean on this one. Let’s talk texture: while VP’s turkey was obviously not texturally equivalent to a real turkey, it is far better than that of a tofurkey. VP’s turkey had some type of meat texture going on… just not a turkey.

So there you have it my veggie friends, consider your horizons (very slightly) broadened.

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  1. Danny says:

    Hahaha. This is timely because it just so happens that I recently decided to try Tofurkey. It tastes alright when hidden between two slices of bread with some soy cheese and mayo. But when I tried a piece plain, I realized that it’s some nasty SHIT.

    Check these out:

    I’m addicted to those Smartdogs. Honestly, they are indistinguishable from regular hot dogs. Of course, a prerequisite is that you enjoy the taste of regular hot dogs. One of my friends asked me, “Why would you bother making a vegetarian version of a terrible food?” She has a point.

    Personally, I’m a big hot dog fan. Take that any way you want.

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