Top 10 Posts of 2008~*

by janet on December 31st, 2008


Happy New Year’s Eve!

I was thinking back to a NYE a couple years ago, when my ex-ex took me to Beaver, Colorado. That trip was notable for two reasons. (1) Him screaming, every five minutes or so, “THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND’S FIRST NEW YEARS EVE IN AMERICAAAA!” and thereby making me feel maximally Fresh-Off-Boatey, when all he meant was that I was excited to party because I had spent most of my New Years Eves in Tokyo, watching TV while eating mikans with my grandpa. (2) We bought all of our liquor at Beaver Liquor.

Anyway, 2008 was an eventful year. ConsumerMachine and I parted ways; I joined with Simon/Daniel to birth MTFB, my Obama Mama T-Shirt was not worn in vain (woot!), and I had my first foie gras wrapped in cotton candy. (Oh, did I not post about that yet? Well, you better come back in 2009 to read all about it.)

Here are ten of my favorite posts, in chronological order except backwards within month {clarity fail].


Post: Poo Peeps
It took away my homemade marshmallow virginity. You haven’t had your virginity taken away by a marshmallow? It’s very soft and gentle; guaranteed to be better than when you lost (or will lose) your actual virginity.



Post: National Aquarium in Baltimore
I got over my frog phobia and my Cheeto bereavement.


Post: Hot Pot & $10 Massages
$10 massages are clearly, clearly noteworthy, especially when delivered lovingly by a middle-aged super Chinese dude named…Andy. Oh, and FEET TEA!


Post: The Night I Almost Died
A fucking SALAD did me in.



Post: Lucid
My first foray into “absinthe” which had the flavor of epic fail.



Post: E Tutto Qua
It was just one of those nights where the occasion, company, food, and service came together to create happi.



Post: Sugar Butter [giggle]
It wins Most Controversial post of 2008. I don’t think I ever told you about it. The bride, who didn’t even know my name, somehow found the post and bitched Dr. Z out. I think my treatment of her wedding was very kind, so I’m not sure where she gets off freaking out about an identity-protected post about a random wedding guest, but whatevs. Just realized that maybe writing this is not going to help Dr. Z-bride relations, but god help her if she is STILL checking my blog six months later…






Post: Shimi’s Wedding Cake
This post wins Most Labor Intensive post of the year, both in actual execution of the food item in question and the post itself. Also, it’s my crowning achievement of 2008.



Post: Taste of Santa Monica 2008
It was the most food I had in one sitting in all of 2008, and included wings from Hooters as well as foie gras. All in all, a fabulous day.



Post: Lot Lizards and Urine Pots
Wins Most Surreal Experience award of 2008, and of course makes it into the Top 10 for including the fun topic of pissing on hookers.

Thanks for reading!  Now go out to somewhere within walking distance and get drunk!


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