Yearning for Yen

by janet on February 16th, 2009

Dudes. Everything, including food, used to be soooo expensive in Japan. But now that everyone’s economy is tanking, and because food prices in the US are soaring, I was SO STARTLED to discover that food in Japan is now costing the same as what you’d see in the US. And because the Japanese (and, well, many countries that aren’t the US) do food well, it’s way higher quality bang for your buck. (yang for your yen? i’m trying here.)

Case in point – the gorgeous bento pictured above: 500 yen. Roughly $5. It has SIX kinds of seafood in it! A fucking mahi burrito at fucking Rubios costs over $7 with tax. WTF America.

Not only that, it’s YUMMY. Really, really fresh and the ratio of everything to everything was spot on.

Not only that, it’s BEAUTIFUL. The photo above has zero retouching or editing. Pritty.

Same with this photo. Five types of okowa, which I would call… seasoned mochi rice? How many food pyramids can you count in this photo? Awesome! I wanna go baaaack. Cryyyyy.

Pretty far away

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