Bazaar gets 4 stars~*

by janet on February 23rd, 2009



Hey guess what?
(a) Daniel is an accountant.
(b) I think I do not compromise his identity by mentioning (a).
(c) He likes lists.
(d) So all information in this post shall appear in the form of a list.
(e) Don’t get confused and think it’s multiple choice. Maybe switching to numbers will help. If you DID think this was multiple choice, I think that (a) is the correct answer.

Miss Irene:
(1) Is the food critic for the LA times.
(2) Doesn’t seem to be very well-liked.
(3) Has lots of power regardless.
(4) Just gave The Bazaar FOUR stars!! WOOT!

In honor of this:
(a) I shall post pictures of a recent, second excursion to The Bazaar.
(b) I went with Cara and Cheez and her hubby.
(c) We took advantage of their extended DineLA menu.
(d) abcd is easier to type than 1234 so deal with it.

DineLA @ Bazaar:
(a) Choose any three items from the tapas menu.
(b) On top of that you get a Philly Cheesesteak or Hilly Cheesesteak (Philly, duh!)
(c) AND a dessert!



Cool things that happened:

(a) Dirty Martini: The vodka was regular, even on the sweet side, but the olive juice was on top in the form of foamy goodness. OH MAN! Best dirty martini I’ve ever had. In addition, the olive, nestled in the bottom, is one of his fancy molecular gastronomy “liquid” olives – cloudy creamy olive juice trapped inside a quivering invisible forcefield thingie that you breach with your tongue. Supercool.

(b) Did someone say FOAM? Hmm. I recall someone becoming (in)famous because of their foam obsession…someone like…MARCEL VIGNERON?!? My (and no one else’s) favorite cheftestant from Top Chef, evar? Yeah! There he was, right in front of us as the chef. Cool. We talked to him afterwards and he seemed super nice. I refrained from reciting his rap back to him. Too stalker.

(c) The best passion fruit martini I. Have. Ever. Had. Cara ordered it like a smartie and I took exactly three more sips from it than was appropriate for someone “just trying” it.



Catalan bread with fresh tomatoes and Manchego cheese:
(a) Ordered by resident Euro-vore, Cara.
(b) Sooooo good when you’re starving.
(c) Can we skip the bread and just have cheese-tomato-cheese?



Japanese tacos with freshwater eel wrapped in shiso:
(a) Not the official name of it – it’s not on the online menu so I had to recreate.
(b) I never know what the hell Jose is wrapping his shit in.
(c) The shiso made this dish fucking awesome. People should use shiso like they use basil.



Kumamoto Oysters with lemon and black pepper:
(a) Have you seen the No Reservations where Tony goes to Spain? It’s the best one ever, right? Totes. Anyway, they are on to something with their canned shit. The oysters were texture perfection. Puffy, delicate, and, again, quivering. Love the quiver.
(b) Also see the picture at top, which is King Crab with raspberries in raspberry vinegar, off limits to me but much enjoyed by the others.
(c) Came with Japaneezy mini-forks. <3



Organized Caesar Salad (again):
(a) Much better picture than last time, right?
(b) I gave the quail egg to Cara this time.
(c) What the hell IS the stuff that wraps it all up???



Some toro concoction:
(a) It sounded heavenly on the menu – toro with some sort of foam, over watermelon.
(b) The only dud of the night.
(c) SUPER fishy.
(d) Why you searing toro, for god’s sake? What a waste.
(e) Heyyyyy maybe it’s seared because it’s not high quality? See (c)
(f) You certainly should not serve dishes that make your patrons paranoid.



“Buñuelos” – codfish fritters with honey alioli:
(a) Cara insisted we order these.
(b) Cara is a genius.
(c) It wasn’t like a fish ball – it was flakes of fish in some sort of creaminess, all crisply crunch-fried.
(d) Honey mustard on crack, injected with heroin. That’s what that sauce was.



Warm Leek Salad with lemon and goat cheese:
(a) *I* insisted we order this one. I am also a genius.
(b) Hmmm. Something looks different from last time.
(c) Ah. I see. They have eliminated the amount of leek by one-third and unrolled it into a leek bed. Perhaps economy-related?



Philly Cheesesteak:
(a) Also a repeat for me, and a highly, highly welcome one at that.
(b) This time it was hotter – piping hot!
(c) Injected cheese burn – pain so good.



Sea scallops with “Romesco” tomato-almond sweet pepper sauce:
(a) More flavor pleeeeease!
(b) Was this sauce supposed to be sweet? The scallops were the sweetest thing on the plate.
(c) Remember Fabio? “This is Top Chef not Top Scallop!” Ha ha ha Fabio.



Beef hanger steak with piquillo pepper confit:
(a) Good beef tastes beefy.
(b) The strength of this dish lay in the quality of the meat – the rest of it was unmemorable.
(b) Maybe just a little less wine in my system would have negated (b).



Lamb loin with foraged mushrooms and potato:
(a) Recommended to us by our chirpy Asian server.
(b) It wasn’t just potatoes – it was like a potato MOUSSE! Glory glory!
(c) How could they not put the TRUFFLES into their description? Quel dommage!



Braised veal cheeks with California oranges:
(a) Also recommended by McChirpersons.
(b) Braised for 36 hours she said!!!
(c) They should have just served this course with a spoon, to show off. Maybe a straw. Astonishing.



Beet Meringue with pistachios and berries:
(b) Lord how I love my beets, though this tasted mostly of raspberries.
(c) Actually the real winner on this plate was the green tea sponge cake.



Some chocolatey thing:
(a) I wanted just this creme anglaise, but gelatinized somehow.
(b) Gold leaf tastes like nothing.
(c) Can someone put some bacon in this thing?



The dessert that makes evident my need to take notes:
(a) Ok, so it was some sort of molecular gastronomic creation with banana.
(b) The giant white puffy thing was the greatest! It opened right up and was fun to dredge around in the sauce.
(c) This dessert could make me change my mind about sweets.


Get in on the action NOW! Only till February 28th – $44 prix-fixe DineLA! 

The Bazaar by Jose Andres
at the SLS Hotel
465 S. La Cienga Blvd
Beverly Hills

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