by janet on March 31st, 2009

So much hype about this Korean taco truck.  If you don’t know about it, then go away.  Because that means you (a) don’t pay attention; and (b) don’t love me enough to read one of my most delightful and intellectual posts.

I suspected it was more than just hype when the unpleasable taco purist and connoisseur Christopher called me when he first went and said, quietly, “I think…I think it was the best taco I’ve ever had.”

My jaw dropped.

So I recently went, accompanied by said Christopher, when it was parked at The Brig.  The line went in a weird snail formation – a spiral with the end of the line in the middle of the circle.  Weirdage.  It wasn’t devastatingly long, but it was 11:00 pm and they hadn’t even started serving.  We got in line and settled in.

Things that happened to pass the time:

1. We admired the camel toe on the chick on the wall mural on the side of Brig (go look!  You’ll be like “Haha Janet.  That silly bitch.”).

2. We made friends with the people behind us in line, but then when I tried to take a picture of them they got all weird and covered their faces like I was some paparazzo.

3. I bumped into my friend who is a grad student at Irvine.  ?  I hope it was worth the drive!

4. Observing the order-taker dude’s flirtation skillz.  Only OK.

That’s about it.  It was a long wait no matter how you sliced it.  About 1.5 hours.



My pants were almost peed in when we got to the front of the line – from excitement!  I didn’t want to look like a loser so I had looked up the menu on the ol’ iPhone before I got to the front.  Once the order-taker dude turned his mediocre flirty skillz on me, I started to like him better.  [Even though I had spent at least 20 minutes stamping my foot and grumbling that the line would go faster if he didn’t spend so much time shooting the shit with everyone as if there weren’t HUNDREDS of people in line waiting omgomgomggggg!]

We got spicy pork tacos, short rib tacos, tofu tacos, and a kimchee quesadilla – not on their website but recommended by the fugitives behind us.

When I first heard about KoGi, I thought the brilliance likely lay in the meaty bbq flavor that would infuse the tacos.  I didn’t realize what it’s really about, which is the shit on top.  Flavor.  Bomb.  Roy had said that they have a secret recipe handed down over many generations in his family for the cabbage spice, and clearly the Chois have it going on.  Truly.  I was like “Meat? Oh yeah.”  [Although I cannot support the tofu – just cubes of uncooked regular tofu.]

Best taco I’ve ever had?  Sure!  I mean, it’s the most interesting, flavorful taco I’ve had, and so I guess if I had three bux I would unfailingly spend it on KoGi.



THIS shit, though.  I still search the corners of my mouth with my tongue in hopes that some kimchee cheddar bits are stuck somewhere.  God.  What is the secret?  It’s not like it’s anything that fancy – just cheese and kimchee?  Their secret kimchee?  Is that it?  I am dying just looking at this photograph.  Want want want.  Crunchy, sticky, burney, salty, umami-y, spicy, cheesy, chewy.  Ahhhhh.

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Or check them at the Alibi Room!

Postscript re: Alibi Room – it used to be so unexpectedly cute and swanky, but now I’m sure it’s overrun with fools now that KoGi’s taken over the kitchen.  Also, my friend ReeRee just said, “I went to the Alee-bee Room and got Ko-Jee!”  lol.

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