Giant Cuppycake

by janet on April 11th, 2009

Tinx is an impulsive shopper.  I told her about a cake pan that creates giant cupcakes that I saw in the SkyMall mag, and it went like this, in rapid succession: 1. SQUEAL!  2. Clickclickclick.  3. Rustlerustle [looking for wallet]. 4. Clickclickclick. 5. “OK I bought it!!!!”

This is what it’s supposed to look like.  Quite darling!  The ridgey bottom half is the cupcake liner – effin’ CUTE!  It looks like here the ridges are un-iced, which is good – makes this very easy.  And come on – if it was your hatch day and you got one of these, wouldn’t you be fucking PSYCHED!??!

We took it for a test run.  Above is a picture of it mid-cook.  It’s blurry because it was fucking hot and I couldn’t keep my hands steady.

Foreground: A giant poo.  Not really.  It’s the top half of the cupcake, with the swirls representing icing <3. We had not adequately cleaned the pan before using it (are you kidding?  we were waaaaay too excited!!) so there were bits of glue hanging out in the swirl creases.  Fail.  Tinx gouged them out before we ate them – no worries.

Background: The sprinkles that Tinx mixed in with the cake batter, about 25% of the way through baking.  Perhaps not advisable…

Not using enough batter – also not advisable.  I believe you’re supposed to use one box’s worth of cake batter per each side of the pan.  But all we had was a huge bag of leftover cake mix from when I made Shimi’s wedding cake, so it was difficult to proportion it out correctly.  Also I think the substances in the sprinkles (caranuba wax?) may have fucked with the chemistry.  Note to Tinx: sprinkles do not equal confetti.

OK, so it came out a little burney, a little lopsided, and a little tilted.  I think a darker bottom half is not a problem – it’s supposed to be ridged and approximate the cupcake liners, which are oft brown, no?  But the gluey top was a problem.  Perhaps everything will be better with a little icing…

WIN!  Icing cures all that ails you.  A cute little (actually, big) snowy mountain with colorful sprinkles.  Although icing it conceals the spirals that make up the poo-formation, so I’m not quite sure what the point is of that.

We absolutely did not wait for it to cool before we iced it.  Too eager, as aforementioned.  As a result, the picture at top represents how it looked for about three seconds before the icing started melting off.  Do you notice the Cutie that is there for scale on the top pic?  It’s pretty big – 8 inches, if prepared correctly.  The taste of the cake was a big fat FAIL, due to the 1+ year old cake mix…and the glue… and the sprinkles in the mix…and the overbaking…yeah.

Buy one for yerself!

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  1. Kim says:

    You are so unbelievably awesome, and have made me want one of those things for myself.

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