by janet on October 15th, 2006

Pinkberry just opened up in Westwood, at Westwood and LeConte, near the Subway where I once spotted Rodney Dangerfield looking gross. I didn’t know about it, but apparently Pinkberry more than a cute name, and is actually a thing. It has some sort of cult following (the original one is in West Hollywood). It won CitySearch’s Editorial Award for best ice cream (even though it’s a frozen yogurt) and if you Google it lots of people are talking about it. I should have known Pinkberry was a thing. Clue #1 – I saw a bunch of people joining Facebook groups like “Pinkberry FO SHO!!!” and “p is for pinkberry” And I admit, I joined these groups without knowing what the hell it was. I was just seduced by the cute name. I mean PINK and BERRY? Two of the cutest things in the world!

[Interim moral of this story: I need to open a store named PinkBerryKittenPuppySqueak and it will be a big hit.]

Anyway, I had just finished eating a terrible meal so I needed something refreshing and yummy. Simon suggested Pinkberry. I said “What’s that?” and he said, “You’re in the Pinkberry group. Don’t you know what Pinkberry is?” Stalkeriffic.

Clue #2 that Pinkberry was a thing: The mere mention of Pinkberry got all 12 in our dinner party (including me) into a tizzy. We couldn’t pay our bill fast enough (there was even FORTY TWO dollars extra!) and jetted out of the restaurant and towards Pinkberry.

Clue #3: We got there and there was a huge line. At 9:30 on a Tuesday.


I couldn’t even get a good photo of the place because there were people everywhere. Being the responsible blogger that I am, I went back the next day at a weirder time and got these shots.

Pastels and plastic – very appealing to my Asian girl sensibilities. I should have guessed from the name and the decor that this place is owned by an Asian named Hyekyung Hwang.

The menu is straightforward (phew) – choose regular or green tea frozen yogurt and choose your toppings (eek!). They have classic toppings like “cookies and cream” [meaning Oreos], more creative ones like Cap’n Crunch, but most importantly they have delicious fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and bananas.

Here’s the artistic shot of the toppings:

But that’s not informative so here’s a different shot:

I was impressed that they had kiwi. I think kiwi + dairy is an underappreciated combination. My mom used to puree kiwi in the food processor and drizzle it artistically over vanilla ice cream and it was beautiful and delicious.

I ordered a medium regular with kiwi, blackberry, and raspberry, using my trusty pseudonym (the name that I wished my parents had named me). Ages later, they called my “name” and it was gorgeous:

They weren’t kidding when they say it’s frozen YOGURT. The taste of the yogurt is really…yogurty. Meaning it’s very tart, truly like flash-frozen yogurt. The texture is also not like normal froyo. It’s icier and not as creamy. With the fruit (particularly the kiwi – next time I’m going kiwi x 3), the whole thing just tasted so fresh. Fresh and refreshing – quite delicious.

My new pal DJ DeerDJ Deer is such a brand new pal that he thinks my name is Janice. did not like it so much. He got the green tea yogurt (which is made with actual ground green tea) and said it tasted fishy. I tasted it and I could see what he meant – it didn’t quite have that catnip green tea flavor that I love and with the sourness of the yogurt it was a bit strange. Most people tend to not like their green tea flavor, I hear.

I also don’t recommend getting a non-fruit topping. When I took James there the next day he got oreo topping and with the sourness of the yogurt it didn’t really go well. I could have told him that but I guess people need to make their own mistakes.

So anyway, I was pretty impressed with Pinkberrypigletfuzz, and I’m glad that a business is going into Westwood that won’t be gone in two months. I don’t think Penguins (another cute name) needs to worry, though, since there are sure to be haters of Pinkberry too.

In fact, this night ended with DJ Deer holding up his yogurt into the air and shouting, “Anyone want some fish yogurt? Anyone?” Silly.

21 Responses to “Pinkberry~~*”

  1. DJ Deer says:

    i’m glad i was featured! and yes people, stay away from the green tea frozen yogurt. i love your blog! so cool. you are so committed, thats awesome. my blog goes months without posts.

  2. simon says:

    i recommend the regular with pineapple.

    also, you can’t fault DJ Deer. I mean you look like a Janice. muahahhahahahahahah.

    Lastly, i apparently am still affected by last night’s festivities, because I was actually hurt for a couple of minutes that I wasn’t tagged in the “mobtastic” picture, until I realized that this wasn’t the Facebook, and that no one was tagged.

  3. janet says:

    Yeah apparently you are supposed to hide people’s identities in real life (i.e., tagging is the last thing you are supposed to do – and Facebook is not real life). That’s why the whole pseudonym thing. I keep forgetting your new nickname though – did you notice I called you “Simon” in the BrEWco post too?

  4. James says:

    I love yogurt. I love frozen yogurt. I would rather have some yoplait than ice cream. Yet… I don’t know what to make of this pinkberry business. You definitely can’t treat it like normal frozen yogurt. Don’t get oreos on your vanilla pinkberry because it’s nasty. I think I’m going to have to go back with a “breakfast” mindset and see how that goes.

  5. sylvia says:

    TOO CUTE!!! pinkberry! lol but personally i like “pinkberrypigletfuzz” better because it sounds really cute but if you think about it, it’s actually kind of gross.

    anyways i wanna try it now, booooooo. i wonder if they have it in norcal?

  6. janet says:

    I don’t think they have it in NorCal (I thought NorCalians hated the term NorCal??), and it’s only in two locations in LA. Maybe sometime soon.

    UPDATE: I just went to the Big Chill (Olympic & Westwood) and their vanilla yogurt is sooo smooth and creamy. Anyway, the important point is that they have “Chill Berry” [lol] which they describe as “tart frozen yogurt with active cultures” — a response to competition from Pinkberry?

  7. lorraine rees says:

    will you please tell me exactly what is in the Pinkberry plain yogurt? I want to know if it is good for me and if it is fattening. thank you

  8. janet says:

    Well, it’s nonfat, as most froyos are. As to the exact nutritional value, I’m not sure, but my NY sources say the following:

    NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Though curiously under wraps, I managed to coax owner Daihwan Choi into divulging that the medium (8 oz.) is 200 calories. All of the yogurt here is non-fat, but carbs have yet to be disclosed.

    Anyway, as a health psychologist who studies the evils of dieting I must say one quick thing, which is that maybe it’s better to focus on “fitness” rather than “fatness,” and try to eat a variety of foods without feeling guilty about any of them. I always say try to add healthy foods to your diet rather than subtracting unhealthy ones (since you’ll feel deprived and will inevitably rebound). Also, I think focusing on exercise is the way to go rather than focusing solely on what you are eating.

  9. bizfood says:

    TRUTH: The National Yogurt Association has been urging the FDA not to allow products that do not contain live and active cultures to be called “yogurt.” Pinkberry uses powder mix.That means no live and active cultures. The only health benefits are the berries and the fruit toppings.:(

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  11. j0oj says:

    tried pinkberry for the first today and I was digusted to find a Pubic Hair in the yogurt , look I dont understand what or how these people make ice cream and why this requires them to be nude while doing this but, I for one wont be back again the plain taste like lemon soft serve from dairy queen, which is not very good, and defintaly not worth getting pubic hair in your mouth just a suggestion get hair nets for your employee’s for both heads

  12. Although the above commenter made me laugh, pinkberry green tea yogurt with raspberries is like crack to me. And mine didn’t taste like fish. 😉

  13. stan says:

    whats in this yogurt ? are they the same as RED MANGO in korea?

  14. chris says:

    I finally had a taste and I was craving more by the time I reached the bottom of my cup. I happen to love the tangy less-sweet flavor. It’s subtle and a bit like creme fraiche. It’s very refreshing and my favorite combination is the strawberry/mango/pineapple. Coconut is good with some fruit (like kiwi). Anyway, not for those of you who prefer Coldstone and other SWEET icecream deserts. I really like it (I really don’t care that it doensn’t contain live culture, either.)

  15. janet says:

    j0oj: I like how you capitalize “Pubic Hair.” Sorry to hear it.

    stan: I don’t even know what RED MANGO is, but way to keep up the enthusiastic capitalization of earlier comments!

    chris: I think you are right on with the creme fraiche comment!

    Everyone: I just discovered their YOGURT CHIPS! They are fucking delightful – you must try. My favorite combo now is double kiwi and yogurt chips. Oy.

  16. janet says:


    Here’s an answer to your question I think:

    Red Mango vs Pinkberry

  17. Christine says:

    OH MY GOD! It’s so good I had my first cup yesterday in Long Beach green tea with stawberries and mango as soon as I was done I wanted more. I can’t wait to have another cup. And the shop was so cute too really girly I like that.

  18. FDA says:

    Guess what folks its NOT yogurt. The FDA told them to remove the word yogurt from their menu and pacakaging!

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  20. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title erry~~* at ConsumerMachine. Thanks for informative article

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