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Apple Pan

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Those in the know pshaw at McDonald’s.  They know that In-n-Out is the king of hamburgers.  They know to order their burgers AND their fries Animal Style there.  They know that purchasing the meals is not a better deal – In-n-Out just adds up the price of a burger, fries, and drink.  Duh.

Those REALLY in the know pshaw at In-n-Out.  They know that the real gem of a burger joint in California is the unassuming, swinging-screened-doored Apple Pan.

Quality Forever, folks.  Believe it.  Perhaps the only burger joint in all of California with nary a Latino in sight, this place is staffed by super old white men.  It’s set up like a U with the kitchen in the middle – all counter seating and no air conditioning, natch.  It’s always crowded, with a ring of people waiting around on the periphery and breathing all over your burger-nomming neck.  The aforementioned polite but gruff (just like grampy!) white men ring you up on an old-fashioned punchy-punchy cash register – cute and old-timey!

But what am I doing already talking about paying the bill when I haven’t even blogged the food?  The clear thing to get here is their cheeseburger.  Specifically, their Steakburger with (Tilamook) cheese – original since 1927, OMG.

This burger is perfect.  You aren’t annoyed while eating it unlike the strident Six-Dollar C-Jr burger.  You don’t feel weirdly icky because you might be supporting the bible-bangers like at In-n-Out.  You don’t feel morally horrible like you do when you eat at McDonald’s.  You didn’t get a crazy, foot-shooting weird burger like you always end up getting at The Counter.  It’s just a clean, simple, utterly satisfying burger that leaves you feeling happy, not gross.

Also strangely refreshing is their apple pie with buttermilk ice cream.  You’d think full fat full buttermilk would be cloying, but eating this ice cream made me realize that what garners the “bleh” reaction in ice cream for many is probably too much sugar.  Here, since the buttermilk is so good, they don’t need a shit-ton of sugar to make it taste delicious.  The crust on the apple pie is less like regular pie crust and more like…crumbly pita?  So that’s different, but still good.   One request I have for them is please stop serving this to me with a fork.  The ice cream melts FAST and as a result, the only way for me to eat the melted ice cream + apple goo drizzle is to tip the plate into my mouth – very rude.

Apple Pan

10801 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064-2105