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Miracle Fruit on Miracle of Jesus Day

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

GoooOoooOOOO JESUS!  Seriously, very fancy with that coming back to life stuff.  Wowa-wee-wow.

To celebrate the Jesus’ hatch day, ie X-day, my sister and I went to Nijiya and impulse-shopped our way to Japanese feast heaven.  On the menu: nikujaga (cooked by Shiru – literally, “meat & potatoes” – the kind of soul-satisfying dish that hits the spot on a cold day), nasu-miso (miso eggplant), salad with Pietro dressing and Rigen oil free ginger dressing, napa cabbage & enoki mushrooms, dipped in goma-shabu and ponzu sauce. A random-ass assortment of food that my mom in Japan would be horrified of (but think it’s kinda cute).

And for dessert, miracle fruit!

Miracle fruit is a tropical fruit that changes, temporarily, one’s taste buds to taste all sourness as sweet.  Even tho the wiki page says the fruit has yet to be commercialized, I think that that’s about to change with Mberry (above), which showed up on my doorstep, sent to me by my collaborator (thanks Mr. Healer) in New York to cheer me up re: my hellishly publish-or-perish lifestyle as of late.  It was also around at that nerdy party that I went to, and my sister had done it too, at two separate events.  Basically it’s miracle fruit ground up into tablets, like this:

In preparation, Shiru and I cut up four kinds of citrus – lime, lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit (pictured top).  She insisted that the lime would be the best. We both feared that our stomachs would die from acid overload (actually a common problem with “flavor tripping” with miracle fruit), so I had both Tums and Zantac at the ready.

I popped a tablet in my mouth and we sat around looking at each other while it dissolved.  Then I picked up a wedge of lime and somewhat trepidatiously (word?) licked it.  Don’t know why I was surprised, but – sweet!  I went for it.

AWESOME!  So this is why the word lime appears in sublime.  All of the citrusey punch of the lime, but with none of the tart.  And since you’re eating it straight, in a way that you’ve never eaten a lime, there were other tastes that I’d never picked up on before…oily, piney, metal-ey at the back of your tongue, but all in an achingly delicious way.  The lemon was accurately described by Shiru as just like lemon candy, so nothing super special there.  The mandarin – same thing; tasted like a very sweet mandarin; almost too sweet.  The grapefruit was just sweet and bitter; probably regular grapefruit is better.

Moar! We read online that people also do beer (!) and hot sauce (!!), so I ran to my fridge and busted out my green tabasco (stolen from Squat & Gobble on my second day in SF) and the bitterest beer in my fridge.  The tabasco morphed into something like a spicy tamarind sauce, but…not in a good way.  Anchor Steam tasted no different, though my sister thought otherwise.

Damn her.  She was right all along.  Limes nom.

I only wish it lasted longer.  Online they say 30 minutes but the half-life for me was 5 minutes.

I popped another one and looked around greedily like what else what else what else!  What’s sour?

Like a junkie, I grabbed my bottle of balsamic vinegar and a spoon and served it up to my sister Mary Poppins-style.  Elixir of the gods!

The wiki article said that dieters in Japan use miracle fruit.  Smart!  I think?  Does miracle fruit make only sour taste sweet, or does it intensify sweets too?

My eyes flicked over to the last cupcake leftover from a batch of Giada’s mascarpone strawberry cupcakes I made the day before…SHOULD I DO IT?  Or is that…Pandora’s box?

I went for it.  Yep.  It was the box thing.  The spirits flew out, up my tongue, and rolled my eyeballs up and towards heaven.

You should try it.  Get some here.